How Does it work? & How to Order?

IPTV Multi Subscription is Minimum 3 Devices Order. No restrictions on Same IP etc. You can use on any 3 devices. You can edit the quantity of the order and edit the price on using following prices on each device: (Payments are processed by PayPal). You can also get free Trial

  • Per Device 1 Month/10$
  • Per Device 3 Months/25$
  • Per Device 6 Months/33$
  • Per Device 12 Months/46$

3 Subscriptions/Playlists will be provided per device.

You must select minimum 3 devices, you can add more 1 by 1. Like if you need 1 Year for 4 devices, edit price and make it 186 (140 for 3 devices and 46 for new 1). Wrong calculation orders will not be processed. For more pls contact us anytime.

For detailed guide, please read FAQ's bellow this page or contact for more information.